Maria Cord to Krax is the fairy godmother for loop., Campaign’s regional marketing tool. Most customers rarely have reason to call her, and the same goes for Roland M, Head of Sales for a tour operator’s branch office. In order to ensure that business flourishes, he implements professional marketing measures – with the occasional friendly advice of Maria Cord to Krax. Many of Roland M’s customers are regulars for whom he organises holidays every year – for many, one of the most important events of their year. He knows their requirements and preferences, but nevertheless has to make sure that the amount of time he has with each customer pays off for him. His office has a total of three staff, and when it comes to organising the biggest event of their year, every customer needs the full attention of Roland and his colleagues.

Planning every detail of this event for his customers is what Roland M. loves about his job. And in order to focus on this area of his business, he needs good marketing. With only two staff under him, there’s no way he can find agencies, approve layouts, place adverts, manage online channels, evaluate radio spots and lay out flyers all at the same time. But just forgetting about the marketing isn’t an option for him.

Roland M. is always on the go: there’s always something to do in his tour operating office. Since he and his small team don’t have time for marketing, he relies on loop.

A strong partner

This is why Roland M. chose loop. – a full-service agent that caters to his needs. And it does its job well. It is always offering him the latest drafts for advertisements, posters and sports, all in line with the corporate design of the tour operator’s strong brand. It calculates advertising cost allowances and commissions agencies and print shops for booking and processing without needing even a second of input from Roland M. loop. is a web-based, modular system solution that is filled with content centrally and makes individual, personalised actions available to every regional sales partner. And if Roland M. does have a question, a quick call to Maria Cord to Krax is sure to sort it out. She gives him fast, expert help so that he can get back to his own core area of expertise: advising his customers in his travel bureau.

The loop. support team helps sales partners like Roland M. with their regional marketing campaigns.

Blind trust

Roland M. only knows Maria Cord to Krax by the friendly voice he hears on the phone. Yet he trusts her absolutely. “Every customer is both a brand ambassador for a company and a strong brand on whose behalf sales partners like Roland M. advertise,” Maria Cord to Krax recognises. “In order to do this, he needs the perfect image, and his marketing measures need to be tailored to the needs of his customers. Our regional marketing platform, loop., does all this for him.” For Roland M., these are essential factors in beating off the competition. Which is why he used exactly this method to commission his latest mailing campaign. He wants to use the cold time of year to tempt his customers to warmer climes.

Every customer is both a brand ambassador for a company and a strong brand that sales partners like Roland M. advertise on behalf of. In order to do this, he needs the perfect image, and his marketing measures need to be tailored to the needs of his customers. loop. does all this for him.

Now Roland M. can concentrate on advising his customers. His new mailing campaign will be produced by loop. – quickly, simply, and in perfect harmony with the tour operator’s image.

And it’s a success: Roland M. just had a customer in his office looking at the mailing material. She chose a small hotel with a pool and a rustic Spanish flair. Roland M. books the trip for his customer, then picks up the phone again to call Maria Cord to Krax. Not because he has a question – he just wants to thank her. Her voice is even friendlier than usual when she receives the surprise call. “The best times are when nobody calls me – then I know everything’s going swimmingly!” she laughs.

Turn your sales partners into brand ambassadors.