Direct mail

There are lots of good reasons to choose direct mail for your customer communication. On average, 70% of all mailings are opened and of those almost 80% are read for at least a minute. At an average of 3.9%, the conversion rate is significantly higher than with email (0.2%); depending on the level of individualisation and sector, the conversion rate can reach as high as 8%. That’s why direct mails are generally significantly more profitable than online channels.

Campaign personalises your letters, postcards and self-mailers with high-definition printing using the firm Screen’s printing systems, and thereby ensures that each of your customers can be contacted with a fully personalised message. With this printing technology Campaign is setting new records in inkjet personalisation and we enable you to have the benefits of digital printing without loss in quality compared to offset printing.

The times when special and expensive digital printing paper had to be used belong to the past. If you consider savings in materials, logistics and storage costs, capital commitment and postage, then you can often even save lots of money with digitally printed direct mail campaigns.

Automated processes in combination with the digital printing process enable you to have cycle times of 24 hours from the campaign idea to its landing on the doormat.

1:1 personalisation, time and cost savings and a high rate of return are all good reasons to include direct mail with digital printing in your marketing mix.

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