Local marketing

Do you work with multiple sales partners in different locations? Is your brand what connects them? Then use a marketing tool that’s tailored for decentralised advertising. Turn your sales partners on the ground into regional brand ambassadors.

With the marketing portal loop. your sales partners become professional brand ambassadors. Our system leads your users simply and quickly through the different possibilities for implementing a local marketing campaign. On top of that loop. offers 16 different marketing channels – including print and online adverts, sports sponsoring, radio and cinema adverts, advertising materials, out-of-home media, promotion for events as well as POS and trade fair set-ups. By using the portal, your sales partners can freely choose the right advertising tool for them according to the instructions of the central marketing team – at the same time they stay closely connected with the company’s central office. loop. guarantees adherence to CD guidelines and establishes a connection to the company’s central IT system (plug and play). Moreover, your partners benefit from the included trustee service and comprehensive control system.

Support your sales partners with the marketing tool loop.! Through the individual and regional focus your brand gains authenticity and trust – and becomes a positive experience for the customer.

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