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Sending a promotional message is easy. But you can only achieve the success you are aiming for if you meet the individual needs and wants of your customers. We work together with you to develop a tailor-made concept to make your customer communications as impactful as possible – suited to your target audience and effective.

Bringing each customer the perfect product for them at just the right moment using their preferred channel of communication is the goal of successful direct marketing. This kind of personalised approach requires the right CRM strategy. But do you know your customers well enough? Businesses do not always have sufficient information to optimally assess the needs of their target groups and tailor their communications accordingly. The sheer number of new communication channels also complicates a targeted approach. This is where effective CRM campaign management by Campaign comes in.

We support our customers through every phase of their campaign management. We work together to develop new strategic approaches, optimise existing processes and draw up operative solutions. We consider it important to adopt a comprehensive approach.

Christian Saliger, Senior Consultant for Digital Marketing, Campaign

As your international partner in the field of data-driven marketing, we offer tailored and holistic communications solutions:

Strategic Development

Our team of experts is there to support you right from the start, beginning with the initial consultation and analysis of the actual situation: We use a 360-degree customer view to determine the needs and desires of your target groups together with you, as well as any consumer habits. We then use these finding to develop the perfect communications strategy for you and a customised technology plan.

System Selection

We specialise in data management, customer insights and targeting customers, and work with you as a capable service provider to select the right system solutions for campaign management.


We are happy to implement customised and automated software solutions as well, such as marketing automation. Our specialists have a wide range of IT solutions at their disposal and will select and use the right system for your company.

Campaign Implementation

Every communications strategy needs perfectly tailored implementation. We provide you with support for digital and paper-based solutions, from the graphic design stage to sending things out to your customers.

Print or digital – as a full service provider with the expertise that only years of experience can bring, we are your one-stop shop for all the services you need. If you prefer, of course, we can simply assist with the individual process steps where you need an expert opinion.

Let us show you the way to successful marketing for your products or services, and experience greater customer loyalty as a result.

Our motto is: “We deliver solutions, not tools.”

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