Optimal one2one customer communication needs good ideas and the right strategy. We are your experts in needs-based and individual customer approaches – from the initial inspiration to the functional implementation of your campaign.

What exactly does your target group look like? What are their needs? What is the right method of communication? Anyone looking to develop a new communication strategy often faces a number of questions. Whether in retail, the technology or finance sector, whether for short-term, medium-term or long-term strategies – in order to best reach the customer, it must be clear what comprises each target group and what their aims are. Implementing a communication strategy is therefore just as individualised and multi-faceted as the needs of your customers themselves.

Our team of direct marketing and recurring communication specialists will assist you from the very first consultation through to creating proof of concepts to securely implement an action plan to implementing and analysing the results – always keeping the customer lifecycle in mind of course. Together, we identify and develop current strategic action areas, functional quick wins for quick and easy successes and data-driven marketing measures. Our comprehensive advice comprises digital and traditional touchpoints and focuses on your individual requirements and specifications. With us as a strong partner, you implement the right communication solution for your customers and carry out successful campaigns for your business.

Kampagnenmanagement Beratung - Kai Barkowsky
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