Document Management Solutions

Management with a system: Our team of experts can provide support for all the transactions involved in your recurring commercial communications – whether paper-based or digital. For one interface that lets you reach your customers across all channels.

A business only functions properly with the right commercial communication. This includes preparing and sending out invoices, reminders, account statements as much as it does compiling training materials and payroll processes. With Campaign, you receive practical outsourcing solutions at the scope of your business-related activities. We offer an IT system that links various different channels of communication with one another, providing you with one central interface for all your different transaction documents. Want to send some of your papers by post? That’s no problem for us! We of course handle the management of printed documents as well.

Our team of experts will advise you individually to develop to right outsourcing solution. This means you can choose between different methods of sending documents to optimally reach your employees and customers:


Do you want to send your invoices, reminders and pay/salary slips the traditional way, as paper copies in the post? We will print your documents in grayscale or full colour and send them all around the world, with optimised postage costs.

E-mail or De-Mail

Practical and direct: We will convert your recurring communication to the globally accepted PDF/A format. Your letters and messages will then be sent quickly and at low cost by e-mail or De-Mail (Germany only).

Electronic invoicing

We will integrate your business customers into our workflow and send your recurring communications directly to the ERP systems used to process them in the form of an XML data flow – with a qualified electronic signature for countries that require it, of course.

We offer personalised solutions for various different areas of recurring commercial communications. Simplify the work involved in your transaction documents:

Invoicing Solutions

Whether you are looking to send invoices to private or business customers – we know what to do. We provide you with support and advice, from initiating your invoicing cycle to sending your invoices to your preferred postal operator or electronic dispatch. Using our IT platform, we prepare your invoicing cycle and optimise your data depending on the dispatch route you select. Depending on the delivery country, we may use coordinated country-specific layouts, ensuring we fulfil all requirements.

Reminder Solutions

Effective dunning processes are indispensable for avoiding unpaid receivables. We take over the multi-level management of your customers’ payment reminders and dunning notices – with the proper timing and an effective layout. We use traditional postal communication or digital methods (email or “de-mail”) to contact your customers and we achieve a high response rate.

Payroll Solutions

In-house printing of payroll documents for employees is only efficient for companies up to a certain size. Our experts are happy to advise you on what solutions are appropriate for your company and what positions you can eliminate in your HR department as well as what savings your can achieve.

We take over every step of the process, beginning with initiating the pay run for you. Once the data has been received, we put your information into the desired layout, print statements or convert them into PDF/A format and upload them to employee self-service portals for download. All this whilst consistently remaining in compliance with our security standards under ISO 90001:2008 and DDV standards.

Informational Documents

Whether annual financial statements, travel or training documents – we are happy to provide you with support in designing, producing and ultimately sending out your information. We print each document in full colour and finish them as brochures or booklets. We can also convert your data into PDF/A format and will gladly send your documents electronically as email or “de-mail” (only in Germany).

Solutions for Logistics Documents

Printing processes specifically tailored to your packing station allow you to achieve enormous performance gains. Our experts precisely calibrate the printing process to your workflow and deliver the logistics documents and invoices to be included with your packages at the right time – directly to your packing station

Solutions for Bank Statements

Even though customers have the option of viewing their bank statements digitally, many still prefer them in paper form. We offer banks a central interface for both solutions: We perform the conversion of bank statements into PDF/A format and make them available for download. Alternatively, we print out the documents and send them to your customers by post.

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