Customer communication is our core area of expertise. Our specialists work together with you to develop customised and tailored communications strategies – even for a large customer base.

Do you want to appeal to your target groups individually and efficiently? In Campaign you have a strong business partner on your side for digital and print communications solutions. Effective sales approaches often come with challenges, especially for companies with large numbers of customers spread across different target groups. Our team of experts develops creative communications solutions and even complete production and logistics concepts based on your specific requirements. This allows us to reduce the loss risk for production processes with high volumes and to successfully implement our IT and manufacturing solutions.

Our expertise and many years of experience combine to make us specialists in customised marketing and document management. That is why international clients from a huge range of industries have placed their trust in us:


The retail sector thrives on change and is in a constant state of flux. New touchpoints with customers are constantly being developed and quickly gain significance. We are there to help you with this across different channels, and to bring automation and a high degree of customisation into the process so you can communicate with your customers.

Together, we develop strategies to meet all of your needs. Whether that be generating new customers, expanding your existing business, increasing POS frequency or short-term campaigns – we coordinate and implement these measures across channels. Our systems’ real-time capability is particularly important for the retail industry. With your help, we can reach your customers at any time to provide them with the most up-to-date and individually tailored offers. 

Even print marketing is integrated into our solution. After all, communication with customers in printed form is still highly relevant. From sending out catalogues to producing self-mailers to invoicing and reminder communications, we are on your side as a strong partner.

Our regional marketing platform, loop., helps you efficiently control your branches’ and franchise partners’ marketing activities.


Digitisation and the growing use of the Internet means products and services in the tourism industry are becoming more and more transparent, allowing for quicker comparisons. That is why it is all the more important to know exactly what the needs and wants of travellers are and to provide them with a compelling service. Campaign has been active in the tourism sector for several years now and has tailored its products to the industry.

One example of this are e-booklets that make the leap from physical medium to the online world: They provide customers with quick and easy access to digital information on the itinerary, destination or accommodation and use upselling options to provide relevant offers for every travel stage. Another focus area is customer relationship management (CRM), without which tourism today would be unthinkable. Campaign is skilled at connecting all market-leading booking systems out of the box and develops the right system for each client. This includes merging customer and booking data.

This is no problem for us, nor is developing single-customer views using information from websites, apps and other channels. Campaigns are finished in a targeted manner across all channels using intelligence target group analyses and business intelligence (BI), and secure a crucial advantage for tourism companies in this hotly contested market.

Automotive and Commercial Vehicles Industry

Digitisation brings with it countless changes to the automotive sector, especially in vehicle development. Communication with customers has also changed radically. Customer needs have changed since players like Google and Amazon have unleashed their full strength. Advising them individually and offering a product tailored to them – this is the future of the sector. The “segment of one”, i.e. addressing a person individually, will therefore become an integral part of the process over the next few years with the development of technical options.

Our communications solutions allow us to help you meet the challenges of a highly personalised and individualised approach to automotive customers. Whether in the online or offline segment – you can rely on our expertise. In terms of the offline segment, we specifically approach potential new customers and your existing customers with highly personalised marketing mailings, welcome packets and magazines, including through recall processes. This means there is no limit to your creativity because we develop the right product to suit your requirements together with you. At the same time, we assist in diversifying your content digitally – by email, through social media or SMS.

We continuously scrutinise our processes and engage in targeted optimisation in order to manage the complexity of a cross-channel approach. This allows us to offer you an ideal cost-benefit ratio.


The mobile world has been turned on its head! Digitisation streamlines the telecommunications sector, and new providers are surging onto the market. The traditional elements of approaching customers, such as shops, call centres or direct mailing, are no longer enough to achieve the desired outcome alone. The right communication strategy is needed to win over and keep new customers in this highly competitive market. The challenge lies in providing customers with an individually tailored experience by applying intelligent analysis techniques via various touchpoints and channels.

From data-driven analysis of all customer information, targeted strategic advice and functional modulation to automated implementation of an omni-channel marketing and recurring communications strategy and comprehensive document management solutions, Campaign is committed to integrating all relevant services for its customers. In addition to our CRM solutions, we have also developed loop., our regional marketing platform that offers exceptional added value for decentralised retail structures and their local marketing.

Banks and Insurance Providers

Impressing customers in the finance and insurance markets means companies need to be familiar with current developments and provide their customers with quick, comprehensive and customised advice. One of the most important strategic factors here is the use of customer and product-focused information. Our specialists are there to assist you, from preparing a 360° customer-focused view to developing a true one-to-one communications strategy tailored to customer needs. We advise you throughout the entire customer communication process, i.e. from analysing and accumulating data to implementation across all digital and physical channels.

We also incorporate our own regional marketing platform loop. for regional implementation in decentralised sales organisations. loop. is integrated as part of a centralised campaign management system to provide optimum support in your sales process. In doing so, the customer lifecycle is a key aspect in addressing customers and in selecting the right communications channels targeted at individual customers.

Your data are always in good hands with us since we offer the highest quality and security standards through our ISO 9.001 and 27.001 certifications and our closed loop processing in terms of our letter production. Using closed loop guarantees 100-per-cent production, and transparent, evidence-based reporting.

We are certain that you are best equipped to meet the challenges of increased transparency, a low-interest environment and margin pressure with good customer relationships based on relevant communication and information. So please, take advantage of our experience and expertise to create customer relationships built on trust and security and successfully achieve customer loyalty to your products and services.

You can also have your marketing offers produced and sent by us. We use state-of-the-art 4C digital printing to implement your ideas for customised mailings in the highest-quality, promptly and optimally tailored to your customers

You can expect short processing and delivery times from us: The majority of the mailings we produce leave our production facilities on the same day the data is received. This means you save time and increase transaction frequency with your customers.

Public Sector

The administrative and official bodies in Germany and Europe have been seeking widespread modernisation for years. The primary focus here lies in the effectiveness of structures and procedures, as well as mobility and the quality of services. New concepts that allow for optimum access and information to citizens and customers form the basis for modern communication.

Whether for image campaigns, informational brochures or recurring communications, be they digital or paper-based – we develop the right strategy and implement it with you. To do this we combine our many years of experience in the private sector and the field of industry with the requirements of administrative and official bodies. We design your communications solution for each public sphere individually and cost-effectively.

It is incredibly important to us that our work be of high quality. That is why we work in accordance with quality and security standards, and allow ourselves to be tested and certified independently. ISO certifications 9.001 and 27.001 are good examples of Campaign’s daily commitment to these standards, as is the closed loop concept, which guarantees a 100-per-cent production rate in letter production and allows this to be monitored. A comprehensive data protection concept is of course part of our high standards as well. Handling highly sensitive data in line with the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz [BDSG]) is part of our day-to-day business, which is why we design our processes and work standards to comply with the law.  Our many years of experience with clients in the public sector pays off – we are familiar with the needs and requirements of this sector. This means we are able to successfully implement complex projects in cooperation with a major IT company, including carrying out elections for the governing boards of social security institutions, producing the documents for the annual Riester pension applications and several more.

Energy Sector

There’s been a certain trend in recent years in the energy sector: more and more businesses that were previously unfamiliar with this sector and focusing primarily on digitisation are venturing into the energy market.  Given that this is already an incredibly competitive market, energy companies focusing on digitisation simply must focus on implementing new standards of communication.

A sector that has already seen such extensive changes since the markets were deregulated must now continue to develop with even greater speed and must do so in a way that prioritises customers and their needs. If energy generation and supply was previously at the forefront, identifying customers’ interests and meeting new challenges quickly are today. These factors will strongly impact the entire field of customer management and communication over the next several years throughout the energy sector. The aim is for energy providers of all sizes to focus more on the needs of their customers and to develop new approaches to customer communication.

Our expertise in this sector and these issues mean we can assist energy suppliers both strategically and functionally across all relevant activities relating to campaign management. Our portfolio of services includes neutral demand management as part of CRM campaign management and email marketing, solutions based on SAP CRM and business analyses for CRM/data-driven marketing as well as strategic development for all issues relating to digitisation, functional campaign ideas, data management and predictive analytics/scoring (e.g., on customer value/product affinity/churn score/customer typology).

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