Regional Marketing

Do you work with several sales partners at different locations? Is it your brand that unites you? Then use our loop. marketing tool. It’s perfect for decentralised marketing. Turn your local sales partners into regional brand ambassadors.

Many B2C businesses can be characterised as a large sales organisation at different locations. Local sales partners have precise knowledge about their local markets and are able to individually adapt their sales strategy for the product to each target group. Centralised management of marketing measures and compliance with corporate design specifications are incredibly important if the brand is to nevertheless remain consistently identifiable. Businesses also need to allocate various marketing budgets that must be tailored to each campaign strategy and any regional requirements. The marketing tools used by a decentralised sales organisation need to be simple, flexible and must have great recognition value. That is why we have developed a web-based application tailored to the operational methods of regional sales branches.

The loop. marketing portal turns your sales partners into professional brand ambassadors: The system is user-friendly and allows you to quickly use the different options to implement a local marketing campaign. In addition, loop. provides 16 different marketing channels – from print or online ads to sports sponsorship, radio and cinema spots, advertising material, out-of-home media, promotion for events and even POS or trade fair configurations. By using the portal, your sales partners are free to choose the advertising tool most suited to them – within the standards set by your central marketing team – whilst at the same time remaining closely linked to your corporate head office. loop. guarantees compliance with any applicable CD standards and provides a link to your company’s central IT system (plug & pay). In addition, your partners benefit from the included trustee service and comprehensive controlling system.

Support your sales partners with the loop. marketing tool! Customised and regional focus lends authenticity to your brand and fosters trust – and a positive experience for your customers – for successful marketing.

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