Back up and business continuity

Have you got your own in-house printer and are happy with it? That’s great!

But how do you cope with production peaks? With overtime, stress and missed deadlines? And what precautions have you taken against machine breakdown or unforeseeable circumstances?

We’re there for you!

Campaign is your partner when you need to take pressure off your printers or as a backup in emergencies – our reserve printing systems guarantee that. Even if your entire production system breaks down, we can fall back on production in different locations. Our business locations form a production system that both provides the necessary scalability for production peaks and guarantees the continuity of production in case of breakdown. We have multiple locations in Germany equipped to carry out printing and enveloping services. Interfaces and print quality are, of course, consistent across all locations.

We offer the flexibility of true omnichannel communication

The production platform used by Campaign is able to process all current data formats. In addition, the modular construction of our systems allows a high degree of scalability and guarantees the future-proofing of the production process. By connecting additional systems to the workflow management system, various new input and output channels can be used. This gives you the flexibility of true omnichannel communication, which addresses each of your customers through his/her preferred channel of communication.

The advantage: guaranteed production and satisfied customers

Do you want to concentrate fully on your core offering in future? Do you see your in-house printing as a ‘necessary evil’? In that case, we’re the perfect partner for you. We can take over your printing – including the equipment and staff – and print both on- and offsite as you wish and according to our strict regulations, certified by DIN ISO 9001 and 27001. Interested? We look forward to hearing from you.

I would be happy to advise you one on one!

Friederike Noack-Laaß


Director Sales & Key Account Management


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