Direct mail retargeting

Turn anonymous website visitors into customers.

With a hit rate of up to 15%, we can identify your website visitors and deliver tailored offers to specific households with Direct Mail Retargeting.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Postal mailings require no opt-in

  • Interest generated by physical mailings lasts up to 17 days

  • Household-specific tailoring

  • Extremely high conversion rates by reaching the best leads with relevant offers via direct mail

  • Full service that’s fully automated

  • Existing customer matching and AB testing (advertising material/target groups) are easily integrated

How does the technology work?

Through the integration of a pixel on your website we can identify your website visitors using cookies and a method that conforms with GDPR, and we can locate the individual postal address. People interested in your site then get a mailing to their home shortly after visiting it. This direct communication with interested consumers, featuring the emotion and feel of classic offline mailing, offers the highest conversion rates of all retargeting channels: your website visitor becomes a new customer. This process is fully automated and anonymised. For the data matching we work directly with AZ Direct, which has the biggest multi-channel reach in Germany. The patented data protection process Data Secure TTP guarantees that all processes conform to the EU’s GDPR rules.

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