Output management

Output management with a system: our team of experts supports you through the whole process, from conception to delivery of your regular communication. No matter whether its paper or digital – we ensure that you reach your customers via all channels.

Frictionless business communication processes are essential for the success of your business. These include the last-minute creation of messages, the optimisation and management of the dynamic output of invoices, reminders and bank statements, and the preparation of training materials and salary statements. With Campaign you get individual outsourcing solutions for your business activity areas. We offer a platform that combines the different communication channels and that gives you an automated interface for all transaction documents.

In addition, Campaign is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 27001, and offers you the highest standards of quality and information security.

We advise you individually and work with you to develop the best concept. You can choose within a data stream between different forms of delivery – that way you reach every employee and customer in the preferred way.

Sending by post

Do you want to send your invoices, reminders or salary statements in the traditional way by post? We print your documents in black and white or in colour on high-performance digital printing systems and send them worldwide at the lowest possible postage prices.

Portal, email or e-post

Practical and direct: we convert your regular communications into any digital format, for example the globally used PDF/A format. Your documents are then sent quickly and cheaply via portal, email or e-post (only in Germany), and can also be digitally archived if desired.


We connect you automatically with your business customers and enter your outgoing invoices in digital data format directly into the ERP systems – of course with a valid electronic signature if required by the country.

Form management

Struggling with the administration of forms? No problem. Thanks to decades of experience processing documents from the raw data format to the physical document, we can provide custom support here too – from analysing your source systems to optimising the structure of your forms.

I would be happy to advise you one on one!

Friederike Noack-Laaß


Director Sales & Key Account Management


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