Programmatic Print

The performance channel in direct marketing

Programmatic print allows you to tailor your print advertising precisely to your customers. Discover how this trump card can help boost your business’s success.

What does programmatic print mean?

Programmatic print helps you to automate your print process and precisely reach your existing and prospective customers with personally relevant offers. Customers receive the right print mailing at the right time with the right appeal based on their interests and behaviour. The combination of automation and personalisation makes programmatic print an unbeatable tool in modern dialogue marketing.

Personalised, data-driven advertising in the form of letters, postcards and self-mailers heralds the end of impersonal mass mailing and puts the focus on your customers. The integration of the print channel into marketing automation software significantly reduces the effort required in planning and implementing traditional print campaigns. Thanks to the high-speed digital printing process and flexible scalability, the customer only receives a print mailing if it will lead to conversion or customer loyalty in the individual customer journey.

Benefits of programmatic print for your business

Lower costs through fully automated processes

Planning print campaigns is a complex undertaking: it involves hiring a print service provider, supplying them with the relevant customer data and managing the process. Companies have to set the print design and approve the end product, which sometimes requires lengthy rounds of corrections.
Programmatic print automation eliminates a large part of traditional campaign planning, saving you resources and costs.
Basic layouts and dispatch days only have to be defined once, while texts and images are composed of a predefined logic, personas and certain triggers. Creation is triggered automatically, making lengthy approval processes and the resulting costs a thing of the past.

Reduced effort through data-driven campaigns

The simple, automated printing process, automatic postal delivery and address validation and cleansing significantly reduce the effort for companies. Programmatic print combines short time-to-market with maximum flexibility. This means you can even make spontaneous changes to the layout on the day of production.

At the same time, you benefit from the data-driven aspect of print mailing automation, which reduces your workload and provides further insights into your customers.

Revenue maximisation through personalised appeals

Minimise wastage while boosting conversion rates – that’s what programmatic print can do. Programmatic direct mail makes it possible to address relevant customers individually. They receive tailored print mailings that are genuinely of interest to them based on their behaviour and characteristics.

This saves you costs that, without print mailing automation, would otherwise have been spent on printing mailings for irrelevant customers. At the same time, the high mailing relevance ensures improved conversion rates, since you contact the customer at the right time with the right product and the right appeal. Collecting data insights also reveals valuable cross- and upselling opportunities.

How programmatic print works in practice

In contrast to conventional campaign planning, with programmatic print customers do not receive any mass mailings planned by the company. Instead, the customer elicits a trigger themselves, which in turn initiates the sending of a mailing. This trigger is often an individual point in their customer journey at which the customer is moved to make a purchase or becomes loyal to the company. The following example illustrates the process:

Print mailing automation makes dialogue marketing personal, fast and effective

An already known prospect or customer visits your website. They add a pair of red shoes to their shopping cart, but instead of buying them, they abandon the purchase. As a predefined trigger, the shopping cart abandonment activates the workflow for programmatic print. The marketing automation software then transfers the data to the personalisation software, which creates an individual layout for the customer. Based on the user’s behaviour, the program includes product images of red shoes and related products, such as waterproofing spray.
The digital printing partner then receives the layout including encrypted address data and can use it to create and send the print mailing. The customer receives the individual print ad only a short time after abandoning their shopping cart.

Requirements of modern direct marketing

In today’s world, companies need to remain memorable. Digitalisation and the many alternatives that are opening up for consumers are making this an increasingly difficult task. Programmatic print is future-proof and, through the combination of customer-centricity and simultaneous advantages for companies, creates a tool that is ideally suited to the requirements of modern direct marketing.

Ready to act immediately with real-time marketing automation

Personalised advertising is most effective when it reaches customers at the precise moments when they are most receptive. With real-time print mailing automation, you react live to customer interactions and implement suitable communication measures at all possible touchpoints.

Establishing contact at the right time is proven to increase the interaction rate. At the same time, you increase the conversion rate in the long term. Thanks to programmatic print, you can also reach customers who have already dropped out, right at the time when it makes the most sense.

Hyper-personalisation as a tailor-made experience

Marketing with the scattergun approach is becoming less and less important. Especially given the possibilities presented by our data-based world, companies should seize the opportunity to use their knowledge of customers to create a holistic user experience. Hyper-personalisation involves collecting customer data in your CRM. Based on recent searches or recent purchases, you can offer your customers a tailor-made experience that precisely matches their interests, buying habits and behaviour.

Seamless integration into cross-channel marketing strategies

Programmatic print can be easily integrated into your customers’ cross-channel journey and at the same time into your digital value chain. Print mailings, such as letters or postcards, can be integrated even more effectively into your cross-channel marketing strategy using the campaign print automation solution. It can also improve your strategy: the additional automation and personalisation of your print campaign transforms cross-channel marketing into a holistic, coherent experience for your customers.

Print mailing automation is therefore a useful addition to your marketing strategy. We would be happy to advise you on the integration and implementation of your cross-channel marketing strategy.

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