Winning new customers and maintaining existing customers

As marketing experts, you know that it’s more expensive to attract new customers than it is to keep existing ones. But both are essential for sustainable growth and achieving a high NPS (Net Promoter Score). We support you with lead generation and turn your customers into true fans by combining the advantages of printing with the systems of online marketing, by advising you and by providing you with high-performance tools.

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Kai Barkowsky


Senior Sales Manager


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An overview of our products

Einfache und moderne Kundenkommunikation

Campaign print automation

Welcome to the world of modern customer communication. Here, companies use a variety of digital channels for simple and automated communication with their customers.

Campaign Smart Automation EN

Campaign smart automation

It’s easy to send a message. But only when it meets the individual needs and wishes of the customer can it achieve your goals.

Professionelles Catalogue & Brochure Fulfillment

Catalogue and brochure fulfilment

Complete your marketing mix with catalogues, magazines and brochures.

Profitieren Sie von Direct Mail

Direct mail

There are lots of good reasons to choose direct mail for your customer communication.

Verbessern Sie Ihr Direct Mail Retargeting

Direct mail retargeting

Turn anonymous website visitors into customers.

loop. schafft mehr für Ihr local marketing

Local marketing

Do you work with multiple sales partners in different locations? Is your brand what connects them?

Ihre Experten für Output Management

Output management

Output management with a system: our team of experts supports you through the whole process, from conception to delivery of your regular communication.