BVDW interview with Daniel Oliver Augsten on marketing automation at dmexco

Marketing automation – a topic that is constantly gaining in importance for communications solutions. Daniel Oliver Augsten, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bertelsmann Campaign, sits down for an interview to explain trends in the marketing sector as well as what strategies Campaign has to offer.

BVDW-Interview with Daniel Oliver Augsten [Translate to Englisch:] BVDW-Interview mit Daniel Oliver Augsten zum Thema Marketingautomation


What current trends will most heavily impact the future of digital Marketing?
The development of "data-driven" marketing combined with systemic solutions will continue to intensify. New and increasingly varied digital touchpoints allow for personalised and context-sensitive communication with end customers. Customers want to be appropriately addressed through individually tailored marketing measures. Businesses are faced with the challenge of being as familiar as possible with their customers and their customer journeys, as well as the challenge of responding to dynamic customer needs more individually than ever before. An integrated, tailored approach as part of the overall customer experience is becoming more and more important. Permanently increasing complexity, specifically in terms of sensibly combining digital channels and relevant offline channels, will only heighten the requirements for this automated approach through customer insights. Furthermore, an organisational framework must be established and integrated strategies must be developed.

How do automated marketing processes impact the make-up of market participants?
The make-up of market participants will shift even further towards those players with an integrated, data-driven portfolio of marketing solutions that spans the entire customer journey. There is no longer any room for isolated approaches on either the customer or service provider level with automated processes. Automated marketing provides businesses with the opportunity to increase their efficiency, although the increasing complexity of these integrated processes does bring about challenges for businesses in terms of their digital transformation at the same time. Service providers can offer systematic support in implementing and, if necessary, running integrated, automated marketing processes, especially if they can benefit from the experiences of their own sector or the approaches of other sectors.

What is your booth offering to attendees at dmexco?
As a full-service provider, we are using our booth to present integrated and innovative approaches to data-driven marketing. Our approach takes into account all of the relevant aspects of digital campaign management - from the processes used to analyse customer data in line with data protection regulations and relevant customer insights to highly personalised modulation across all digital and physical channels of communication as well as regional modulation using our own marketing platform, all demonstrated through exciting use cases. Our team of experienced CRM experts is there to advise on strategic and technical issues and is conducting live demonstrations of the tools used. Having our partners SmartFocus and Bitplaces there with us means we have two innovative companies at our booth. They complement what we have to offer by presenting exciting solutions, including single customer view, digital personalisation, advanced email communication and location-based advertising with a mobile ad network.

(Source: BVDW, Interview - Marketing Automation, 10/2016)